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Amazon.com Sales Rank—How Does it Work? (Research-Based)

INTRODUCTION How does Amazon sales rank work? Specifically, what factors affect the sales rank of books (or other products) at Amazon.com? These questions will be answered in this article—as the result of years of research on this topic. It’s easy to perform controlled experiments on Amazon.com sales rank. Here is the kind of research that […]

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Million of Clients Every Month Search Product on Amazon and 85-90% clients check only 1st Page Search Results and 10% Clients Check Search Results on 2-3 Pages and others Pages Search Results are Checked by only 5% of clients. If your product not in 2-3 Pages then only 5% of clients see your products. Therefore, […]


How To Rank Your Products On Amazon Easily – The Ultimate Guide

If you want success on Amazon, you need to understand how Amazon’s Search Algorithm works – right? Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised… Most sellers have no idea how Amazon ranks and delivers search results; let alone how (easily) exploitable it can be! Download and save this post “How To Rank Your Products On Amazon – […]

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Amazon Rank : Here’s 3 Product Research & Selection Tactics (Working Right Now)

Are you frustrated with product research & selection? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, making no progress towards building the business of your dreams? You’re not alone. The #1 thing I see new Amazon sellers getting stuck on is product research & selection. But when I speak with successful e-commerce entrepreneurs, finding new products to sell […]